Loss of keyboard control in Multicam 15.01.36 with Avocent KVM

After upgrading from Multicam version 14 to 15.01.36, one of my customers has noticed that any mouse movement on the RX side of an Avocent KVM would stop the server from responding to keyboard input.

On this occasion there was no time to dig through dmesg output, trying to see what specific HID the host operating system was rejecting, so a quick and dirty fix has been proposed.

Mouse could be simply disconnected from the receiving side of the KVMs in positions where XT server was being used. But that would stop operators from connecting to other machines that do require a mouse. Luckily, the particular Avocent KVM model installed on customer site was incredibly rich with features, and has allowed us to change the way TX KVM module would present itself to server.

We simply had to enter the HMX Manager web interface, select the TX module connected to XT servers and change HID Config setting from this:

To this:

As you can imagine, our love for Avocent KVMs has gone through the roof when this setting was discovered.