IPD Software Player crashing

A number of times I have observed IPDirector’s Software Player crashing with the following symptoms:

  • You can load a clip and hit play – playback would commence successfully
  • Once you try to jog far enough or skip to a later section of the clip, the image freezes, the clip icon at the top-left corner of the player interface starts blinking, eventually disappearing.
  • At this stage you can no longer use the player for anything


The following has proven to solve the problem, based on my experience:

Open dxdiag utility

Navigate to Audio tab and witness that according to DirectX you have no audio device:

Note how you can have headphones connected and you can hear sound, but dxdiag will continue to show no audio device.

So go to device manager, uninstall your audio device, Scan for hardware changes, allow the same device to be re-installed and run dxdiag again:

Now, restart IPDirector and enjoy Software Player that doesn’t crash any more.