Integrating IPDirector with CasparCG – open source live graphics solution

This week I had a chance to work on an interesting project involving a beautiful free piece of software called Caspar CG. And we have enhanced it with metadata from EVS IPDirector!

Caspar has been developed by Swedish public service television (SVT), has been successfully used by them at high-profile productions such as FIFA World Cup and is still being used by SVT on a daily basis. Due to local laws the software could not be sold on and had to be made Open-Source. As a result, great community of users has formed, producing various templates and bits of code that are free to be used by anyone who wants to produce live graphics for broadcast.

The goal of this particular project was to prove that it is possible to trigger various football graphics (score changes, lower thirds, etc.) by logs generated within EVS IP Director application. The open-source nature of Caspar has made it possible to integrate it nicely with flexible IP Director API via notifications mechanism.

Each time a log entry is made within IPDirector, a notification would be sent to our custom software, that interprets the message, gets additional details about the log, and triggers an appropriate event on the Caspar CG server.

The actual graphics template in the video is the default one that is distributed alongside the Football 2010 Client app, which controls the CasparCG server.

Big Thank You goes out to the team of engineers at IMG Media, who have introduced me to Caspar, provided a stand-alone graphics server, helped get the right configuration for the Decklink output card and are generally amazing.