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    Troubleshooting Gitlist configuration errors

    After a power outage that resulted in our customer’s virtual machines undergoing a controlled reboot, I have noticed that the Gitlist repository for our projects has become unavailable.

    IPD Software Player crashing

    A number of times I have observed IPDirector’s Software Player crashing with the following symptoms: You can load a clip and hit play – playback would commence successfully Once you try to jog far enough or skip to a later section of the clip, the image freezes, the clip icon at the top-left corner of […]

    Using Avid NEXIS as IPDirector Nearline

    I previously haven’t heard of Avid NEXIS being used as IPDirector Nearline storage. On one of the productions we have still tried to get it to work and have partially succeeded.

    Loss of keyboard control in Multicam 15.01.36 with Avocent KVM

    After upgrading from Multicam version 14 to 15.01.36, one of my customers has noticed that any mouse movement on the RX side of an Avocent KVM would stop the server from responding to keyboard input.

    EVS XSquare 3.8.15 installation errors

    When I was trying to install XSquare 3.8.15 on a clean Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard machine (in the “Orchestrator Only” mode) the installation of .NET Framework 3.5 dependency has failed.

    Investigating File System Watcher buffer overruns

    An exciting story about a peculiar storage behavior causing IPDirector problems. Warning: log-reading, some programming and Powershell scripting inside!

    Using WMIC to re-install .NET Framework versions remotely

    In the previous post we have gathered a list of workstations that required their Microsoft .NET Framework to be downgraded. Let’s downgrade them remotely using the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC).

    Getting installed .NET Framework versions remotely

    One of our customers has been requested to uninstall certain .NET framework versions from their workstations: it had surfaced that the EVS IPDirector version that the they were running was incompatible with anything above .NET Framework 4.5.1…

    Integrating IPDirector with CasparCG – open source live graphics solution

    This week I had a chance to work on an interesting project involving a beautiful free piece of software called Caspar CG. And we have enhanced it with metadata from EVS IPDirector!

    EVS XFile3 partial restores

    Whilst working with EVS XFile3 software at a live production I have been asked to restore a particular part of a game, which has been recorded a few days ago and by then has only existed as a file on a hard drive.